Aioli Tapas bar Linkoping

En medelhavspärla mitt i Linköping

A mediterranean dream in the middle of Linkoping

An evening at Aioli tapas bar in Linkoping could easily be one of those fantastic nights by the mediterranean sea. We offer 50 different tapas to choose from and there is always something for everybody.

But what would an evening at a tapas bar be without some wine?
We serve over 25 different types of wine, many from Spain but also from other fantastic wine countries.
Some say that the tradition of tapas started somewhere in Spain a long time ago when people covered their wine glasses with a small plate of ham so they flies wouldn’t end up in the wine.
Others believe that it originated from a tradition among soldiers in Andalusien a long time ago. They had to cover up their wine glasses with a plate so they didn’t get too drunk

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